Only to find out that, they can’t play my music, even though it sounds good and I have everything together, because of my fan base here in Atlanta. Although my music is being played internationally, my hometown can’t play my music because, I don’t have a lot of support from my hometown. Now I must say, I thank Mr. Harper for all of the information he gave me because it has helped me a lot in getting a lot of things together. This blog is in no way directed to defaming him or Praise 102.5. Moving on, I said ok, all I have to do is get my friends and family to support me? Easy….so I get on my promo game like a BOSS in dih thang (in this thing lol) (just being silly), and guess what happens…..absolutely NOTHING…support stayed at a minimal, single wasn’t moving, albums were still moving very slowly. When I asked for help, all I got was facebook likes and comments saying, “I got you bro!….We love you G-Stat!!!….” I said…COOL!!! Here we go! And there it went, that quick. lol. Nothing happened. I looked around to see what I was doing wrong. Am I sinning more than everybody else? Is my music wack and people have been lying to me for years? Is my music even effective at all? I guess I’ll just hang it up, get a 9-5, and just be that old dude saying what I used to do and could’ve done. But that’s not me. I was in a depressed slump for months with my music. Then it hit me….my music is being played in 7 different countries on multiple syndicated stations, and roughly 25 stations in the States, which makes me an international artist. What the heck? Why didn’t I see that before? Looking at everyone else and their blessings caused me to overlook mine. I’m in some places that a lot of people aren’t and I’m grateful about that now that I see. Now, if I get on Radio One, that would be the move, if not, I’m cool where I’m at. Just coming clean on a lot feelings and things I had been holding onto regarding my music. It’s been a long road, and it’s paying off. All I know is…..(to be continued)